The MayfarmSoft solution of IO-Studio is introduced.

The Interactive Information Provision Solution of IO-Studio Chatbot

Chatting and Search Design Focusing on Possessed Data

·Immediately applied to the chatting and search service with the inflow and conversion of the various customer databases into the data

·Supporting the application of the convenient chatting scenario design and development by using the database structure

·Supporting the multithreading for the high performance analysis

Excellent Scalability

·Ensuring the data collection autonomy based on schedule setting장

·Supporting the various gateways for connecting the DBs of heterogeneous machines

·Providing the customizing based on the morpheme analyzer for each language for multilingual processing
(Supporting Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English)

Various Chatbot Service Interface

·Providing the API for the various chatting service platforms such as Facebook, Line, etc. ( Option )

·Selectively supporting the conversation types including free, item input, item selection, and mixed types for consultation

the Interactive Information Provision Solution IO-Studio Search

Premium Data Service