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Infinite Competence in the Data Processing Expertise

Present and Future of MayfarmSoft

Customer satisfaction is realized with MayfarmSoft’s own artificial intelligence solution.

MayfarmSoft provides the service of analyzing the data possessed by the customer and of finding the necessary information for the customer with the algorithm related to artificial intelligence such as the large scale integrated search service and the chatbot service on the basis of the data processing know-how and the professional experience. Especially, the search engine and the chatbot engine, ‘IO-STUDIO’, internally developed by MayfarmSoft were commercialized. The customers such as the public agencies, large companies, and education publishers are very satisfied.In addition, we're increasing the innate values of images by applying AI technologies to many areas such as facial and emotional recognition, object detection and children's drawing psychology therapy with deep-learning applied. The Research & Development Center of MayfarmSoft is developing the improved solution and service to show the technological prowess unique to MayfarmSoft in the artificial intelligence industry. We will make a further effort on leading to the enhanced customer satisfaction.

MayfarmSoft respects the value of an individual.

All the solutions and services provided by MayfarmSoft are developed by humans. The outstanding caliber of our staffs has contributed to the current growth of MayfarmSoft. MayfarmSoft relies on the value and capability of an individual staff so that MayfarmSoft presents only the direction and creates the atmosphere of the free development. Moreover, as the growth of staffs is the growth of MayfarmSoft, the self-development of staffs is encouraged. MayfarmSoft respects and recognizes the value of an individual and always endeavors to make the company as the better workplace for our staffs.

What MayfarmSoft likes and does well

  • Natural Language Processing

    Value should be added by sharing the various knowledge information produced geometrically in the various corporate work environments. It is possible to access and use the desired information more easily and more conveniently through the search and chatbot services suitable to the corporate scale and characteristics.

  • Advanced Data Service

    Monitoring Tecforum, eShop, SNS, and Portal of major advanced countries enables to pick the brains of worldwide customers. Big web data provide the clue for adding company and product values.

  • Remote-TestKit

    The mobile app test is used for development, pre- and post-launching, update and trouble shooting of the designed app. The more meticulous test reduces user inconvenience to prevent customer churn. 1,000 or more global companies are using Remote-TestKit.

  • Oliot(Open Language for Internet of Things)

    It is the agro-livestock cloud original technology and application service for through balanced production, transparent distribution, and safe consumption through GS1 (The agro-livestock goods information standardization based on the international standards).

  • Gu, Na Yul, Part Leader

    Data Solution Group
  • The possibility of MayfarmSoft is immeasurable.

    The solution and service provided by Mayfarmsoft are fully based on artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence industry is activated steadily with the bright future prospect so that the growth possibility of MayfarmSoft is very high. Furthermore, MayfarmSoft has the self-developed solution, and all staffs strive for presenting the new solution. The possibility of the industry and the efforts of the company and the staffs will brighten the future of MayfarmSoft.

  • Jeong, Hyeong Jin, Leader

    Data Solution Group
  • The joint organization and developer growth system is made through projects.

    MayfarmSoft is building various projects and is making solutions with the main businesses of the data collection, search, and analysis in the various sectors and the development and consulting of the monitoring system focusing on data visualization. MayfarmSoft participated in and succeeded in developing the AI (Artificial Intelligence) based return-to-farming and return-home intelligent consultation system and ICT production education system sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. MayfarmSoft makes an effort on the sustainable joint growth for the growth of the organization and the future of the individual on the basis of the generic technology on data processing including the overseas biological resource management system (Cheil Jedang) and online illegal buzz monitoring system (Samsung Electronics) of the global groups.

Culture Made by Space

  • MayfarmSoft Porch

    The porch decorated with the MayfarmSoft logo

    #neat logo#green company entrance
  • Work Space

    The work space for hard work

    #concentration #hard work#best talent
  • Conference Room

    The discussion space for providing the better service for customers

    #artificial intelligence service#meeting#debate#discussion#aspiration
  • Research & Development Center

    The research institute for developing the service based on artificial intelligence and data

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  • All-You-Can-Drink Coffee Provision

    Possible to taste the delicious all-you-can-drink coffee

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  • Workshop

    The yearly get-together workshop for everyone

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Welfare for Staffs

  • Days off during the Holidays Interspersed with Workdays

    We don’t work during the holidays interspersed with workdays.

  • Support for Book Expenses

    Purchasing a desired book is supported.

  • Welfare Support Fund

    Cash support is provided suitably for the class.

  • May Day

    Let’s have a get-together time outside the office once a month.

  • All-You-Can-Eat Snack Provision

    We enjoy all-you-can-eat snack and all-you-can-drink coffee.

  • Support for Cash Gift and Vacation

    Support money and vacation are provided for various family events.

  • Group Dinner Expenses

    30,000 KRW is paid for each person monthly.

  • Workshop

    We go out for pleasure with hardworking staffs once a year.

  • Kim, Woo Young, Part Leader

    Data Service Development
  • Our company has the open and free atmosphere. It is very open and very free.

    Our company has the open and free atmosphere. It is very open and very free. It doesn’t matter to go out and take care of personal matters if the assigned work is done well during the work hours. In order to make the mutually respecting culture, we are very careful not to talk down regardless of age and class. However, our culture is not individualistic. The relationship among staffs is filled with passion. We become friendly as we come face to face to eat together every day.

  • Jeong, Chan Yong, Leader

    Data Service Development
  • The system of the off-duty during a sandwich day provides vitality in the company life.

    The most satisfying welfare system after joining the company is the system of the unconditional off-duty during a sandwich day. It is not common in other companies. It is one of the welfare systems being the envy of others. Off-duty for one more day in addition to public holidays becomes a great energizer. The feeling that our company takes care of staffs enables more hard work.

We find the MayfarmSoft DNA possessor.

  • Various Experiences

    The development experience and the various liberal arts experiences possibly facilitate a new service.

  • Interest

    The interest in the various objects such as service, environment, and objects enables problem finding and improvement arrangement.

  • Consideration

    The customer satisfaction service can be provided with the mind of customer consideration.

Recruiting Process

  • Document Screening

    “Autobiography is really important.” “We give an interview opportunity for the applicant stating its experience in details.” “We check the applicant disposition stated in the biography.”
  • 1st Round Interview with the Working Group

    “We ask the questions on experience and technology.” “We provide the applicant with a problem to be solved on the white board to see the problem solving capability.” “We consider whether the applicant is a focused person.”

Mayfarmsoft's story